This blog is sponsored by the People for Sensible Transportation.

We are devoted to spreading information we think is crucial to prevent a disaster.   The quality of life in Madison and Dane County and the economic strength of our community are at risk unless we defeat a proposal to increase a county-wide sales tax for trains and trolleys through the development of a Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

We believe any train and trolley system will rob Dane County of our fine quality of life and divert resources from what is really important to a fanciful proposal of the Transport 2020 Committee and County Executive Kathleen Falk and Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.

We are a grassroots organization, made up of concerned citizens who feel that commuter rail is a gross misuse of taxes that will increase congestion, increase pollution, and cause more people to avoid the Madison area as they are running errands in their cars.

We want sensible transportation that will meet the needs of people like you and me.  We drive a car, we take the bus, we ride our bikes, and we respect the environment.  We support Specialized Transportation for the elderly, people with disabilities, kids, and people who do not have a car.

A train and trolley system won’t help us (especially when it is 20 below….)

Please contribute a comment to share your views!


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